Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love v/s Law of Gravitation

These lines are dedicated to someone. No idiot, not the ones who are dead and buried. It's not a matter of if or why, just a matter of when and where. One fine day someone will.

Inverse to the square of distance
Directly proportional to the mass,
This force in Newton's gravitational law
It's a big lie, it's a farce.

If the theory had any truth
Then explicate the source,
Cause even when you're so far away
Attract me with a divine force.

It's supposed to be negligible
Per the gravitational constant G,
The mind befuddled, the heart spree
The pull is immense in actuality.

The force points along a line
That intersects the two,
It only takes me higher though
The pull that I am subjected to.

The force the two objects exert
The law says should be the same,
You're oblivious to my existence
And I get distracted even by your name.

How come the great man erred?
Struck me though it took a while,
When it dawned to me finally
All I could afford was a smile.

Cause this bullshit isn’t his fault
Wouldn't have spelled the foolish breakthrough,
If only before the apple on his head
His eyes had met you!