Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's a Saturday morning that started with a phone call. A phone call that dehydrated me faster than the scotch last night. With nothing better to do I decided to compile the 140 character stories that I wrote over the last one week. I started this little game on Twitter where I asked people to give me a word and then penned a little story that could fit in a tweet (140 character limit). I'm posting 53 of them in no particular order. The word in apostrophe is the word that lead to the story. This has been a copy paste exercise only. There has been no editing, so pardon the use of modern SMS English (done to fit the story in) & other grammatical errors. Thanks to all who constantly fed me with words through out the week. I hope to continue this endeavor.      

"'You' don't make me laugh" she said and left me forever. As she walked past that gate I heard her laugh like never before.

He,"Close your eyes & you will see my 'ethereal' love". She, "Sorry. I prefer real love, can't keep my eyes closed all my life".

He quaffed a 'scotch' bottle & was down to last 7ml.The bottle,"Don't finish me". He,"Why not"? "Cause that's my job tonight".

He was on the 'staircase' to happiness. Tired he would ask "how many more" & hear "only as many left as u have climbed" & continue.

She,"How can you 'cry' and there are no tears"? He, "Just as you don't cry and there is a bucket of tears"!

Devil always won the 'impeccant' man trophy."Why u?"a girl asked."I'm never the mind that commits the sin.I just say it's OK".

He,"My life is no less than a 'drama'". She,"I'm leaving you for him". "Why??" shocked he asked. "Just playing my part".

She would change clothes in front of her pet 'rabbit' and it would get aroused crazy. Till the day it saw a doe in clothes.

121. The 2 was entrapped between the 1's. It contacted 11 & asked it to divide 121. 1's got together and 2 got it's 'freedom'.

The 'sniper' fired but the bullet crashed into a bullet. He looked up in anger, saw another one, fired again & died on the spot.

Stuck on a desert the goats devoured the 'mutton' chops by the day & mulled over the declining population by the night.

"Why r u sad '13'"asked a number. "I'm unlucky they say"."u are not", it hugged 13.The number line hasn't seen it since that day.

They made a pool of 'alcohol',swam in & drank from it all night.I found them next day,"that's what drowning in alcohol means".

God,"Today,u wore blue,drove bike,ate Thai,drank cola,helped poor.'Ergo',die". She,"What logic is that"?."u think I 'm logical".

His wife's picture on the wall was so 'faded' that he started seeing a new woman in it every day.

He, "Food is super 'delicious' when I eat with your hands".She took it literally & cooked a special lady finger dish in dinner.

He saw her lying on the bed and slit her throat with a razor sharp knife.No screams, no blood.Only silence.He said, 'dejavu'.

The executioner,"Your last wish"? "Give me a polynomial that returns a 'prime number'". "n^2-n+41". He could only verify till 40.

He,"u r a 'chick'". "Thus u pass test 1. I marry u if u tell me 31x31 in 3 sec". "u r a dick" she thought & said, "971" in 1 sec.

0 was 'indifferent' to anyone else. "Multiply with me & I turn u into me",it said. Then one day it shut up.It had learned to add.

They made out like rats. He was in 'love'. He, "Now I know what love is". "I already knew love is a 3-letter word", she replied.

The photograph was complete 'blur'. It always was whenever she clicked him. She didn't know why but he who died years ago did.

"Buy a red car" the reader said looking at the 'tarot card'.He died in crash & 1 hr later the reader was diagnosed with dyslexia.

The maroon text on his notebook smelled different after the 'ink' dried up. You would know why if you saw his left arm.

I found a deaf friend at a music concert. "I came here to find what I 'lost in the noise' last year they played".I couldn't hear him.

It took him 1 yr to finish the book he found 'abstruse'. It was then he realized that the book was in Spanish, a language unknown.

God, "Are you sure"? Ghost, "Yes, set me free". God nodded. He smiled & was 'happy' till he realized he had turned into a human.

The ghost turned man was stupefied. "Why God"? He asked 1079 more questions. For each one the answer he got from God was 'umm'.

The ghost turned man saw reflection of his pale 'yellow' face."Make me ghost again".God obliged & gave him toothache to die for.

After he vanished on the wedding day she jumped into the 'water'."If I knew you were gonna jump, I wouldn't have"a dead body said.

She was 'sleepy' but couldn't sleep. She wanted to dream. Dream about him. Still awake. Then she woke up. The real him snoring.

The letter she received from her son who was dead for 7 yrs was no longer 'mysterious' when she saw herself on the funeral pyre.

She,"ur pointless 'ego' is killing our marriage.Leave it or I leave u".He did. She didn't like the changed him so she left him.

His mom told him the question & the answer for 'exam'.15+76.He wrote 19 when he saw 76+15. "u will make a good husband",she said.

The strong 'wind' made him run for cover.No one else did.They carried on nonchalantly.He realized then that the storm was within.

"My love is true. 7 has just got an 'infatuation' on you", 3 told 21. "Look in your heart & sum up your feelings.u will find me".

The hospital ran short of ice beds after the 'ice' on which the dead body lay melted from it's warmth.

"Mom, I'll marry when I'll be able to multiply any two three digit numbers in 19 secs". Mom didn't understand her 'everest'.

"Life, you have always been rude to me. It's 'revenge' time" he said & shot himself. Life laughed and somewhere a baby cried.

All his problems led to the bar and the solution to each one of them was 'beer' till the day beer became one.

1 yr of DMs on Twitter & they decided to meet.She flew to London & he to Paris. "So romantic" he DM'd.The 'perception' lingered on.

He loved her & didn't care that he was the 8th hubby. On wedding night, "Whats this closet"? "Nothing,14 ears 'hidden' in it".

He played games all life to make 'dollar' bills for his last journey. He thought it was enough till he saw hell's conversion rate.

He,"I like 'winter'". She,"why"? He,"We share the blanket".She left him in the summer. He still waits for the winter & the blanket.

He,"Help me cause I can't get u out of my mind". She,"Think of 'Physics'". He,"What do u think I have been thinking about"?

God 'flips' a coin,"Heads u die of stroke.Tails, malaria & if..".He leaped,caught the coin & fell on his head."Let me complete".

The 2 midfielders planned a move & argued over who gets the 'credit' for the goal. The game next day sadly was a goalless draw.

The father asked the 'jaded' doctor to not give up on his 'comatose' son. "At least he is not 'blind', he sees darkness".

She jumped from the roof cause her 'vain dream' was to fly. She flapped her arms but crashed & became a ghost.The dream came true.

He has counted square root of 2 till 3878789778979 digits & continues. The 'wait' for it to become a rational number carries on.

They drove in the 'night' & fast. Then it was day. High fives.The night didn't come back. "You don't sleep in hell" a voice said.

In hell everyone she saw was in bright clothes & loaded with 'jewels'. "why only me in tatters"?They were all asking that question.

"Enough! Do you love me? Please state it absolutely clearly" he asked. The silence that entailed had the 'clarity' he sought.

"I don't want to live. I'm fed up of this life. I only 'see' demons around me", he said and shot himself.He started seeing humans.


  1. The one for no. '13' is the most impressive...

  2. Is the 31x31 mistake on purpose? In that case, I didn't get it :)

  3. @Mayank - It is intentional. She knew the answer in 1 sec and thus the guy didn't qualify :-). You can read it in an another way also.

  4. Creativity at its best... 140 characters never seemed this much...

  5. Outstanding compilation..

  6. read em on twitter but relished again.. can't pick a single favorite.. vignette-like.. some are spooky.. others apocalyptic.. humorous.. seeping with delicious doom.. they have it all.. :)
    one of my favorites - "His wife's picture on the wall was so 'faded' that he started seeing a new woman in it every day."

  7. Thank you every one. Hail Irrationality!

  8. fandu hai...can I give my word here?

  9. Loved this post!!! Not sure if you know, now there is a website around the concept...